Celebrating Fabulous “Used” Cars in Style

used cars made new

Have you ever wondered exactly why many people organize and participate in car shows? After all, it seems that the only purpose is to walk around and look at car after car that is restored or in the process of being restored. How much fun can it possibly be? However, if you’ve ever taken the time to attend a quality car show, you will understand that it is a prime opportunity to get a close look at previously “used cars” that have been restored or modified to become incredible hot rods.used cars lakeland fl

Many people also enjoy attending car shows to see some of the different cars that are entered and highly enjoy walking around and seeing how the different cars vary. It can be a great source of inspiration for many people who are either working on a car, or dream about working on a car. Of course, there are also those who merely enjoy admiring the gorgeous cars and never have any plans on building their own.

Regardless of whether you own a car or not, going to see a good car show can be a great experience. The people who own cars that are submitted have spent often hundreds of hours working on creating the perfect masterpiece that is designed to be a proud representative of the style that the car once had in its original life. Of course, some people also take the car and turn it into a custom piece of art with numerous modifications that make it hard to recognize the original vehicle.

Most car shows also have competitions where someone will be responsible for judging all of the cars that are entered to determine which are the best looking, most unique, and best restored for example. A common sentiment among those who own a restored car is the validation of others that comes with winning a prize at a car show. The prizes range from cash prizes or ribbons to certificates and plaques. For most owners of the winning car they simply want the recognition.

used cars made newThere are different types of car shows that are organized as well. There are some that are designed for the upscale car lover. These tend to be semi-formal events with people dressing up and pulling out only their best clothes to attend. Due to the scale, style, and venue for these high end events, children are rarely part of the scene. The other style tends to be very laid back with most people wearing casual clothes such as jeans and t-shirts and they frequently bring their entire family along.

The choice of which type of car show is best suited to your tastes depends on your own personality but there are plenty of options available no matter which style you prefer. It is not uncommon for true connoisseurs to travel all over the country to take in the biggest and most famous car shows like those in Lakeland, FL. For these folks, international cars shows may be on the list as well. Car shows can be a great way to spend some quality time with your family and enjoy looking at the gorgeous cars at the same time.

If you have a car to enter, it is an amazing experience that can be a lot of fun.  People who attend multiple car shows for the sake of showing their own cars find it a valuable venue to gather opinions and information about their own vehicles and the possibilities in the future. People who attend simply for the sake of enjoyment often glean ideas for their own vehicles as well.

Additionally most owners walk away with at least one offer from someone to buy their car as well. This can be a great time to show off your pride and joy and see just how much others appreciate your hard work as well. After all, everyone is looking for acceptance and finding out that people love your car when they are surrounded by dozens and hundreds of gorgeous cars is an incredible feeling.

As you can imagine a car show is about so much more than simply looking at the cars. Making contacts, viewing the gorgeous cars and meeting new people are all just some of the great aspects that await you at a car show and besides being able to see all of the gorgeous cars well maintained and in their perfect condition is such a true thrill. It’s always wonderful to see how people can transform “used cars.”



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A guide to purchasing a used car in Orlando


The process of the acquisition of a used car in Orlando is quite similar to what buyers go through when buying a new car. The pre-owned cars have unique features that should be put into consideration before a purchase is made. The buyer needs to make sure that the car they get is reliable and meets their needs. In this articles, we have provided with a guide to buying a used car in Orlando. You will find out the features to look for in a used car and how to identify the best car that suits your needs.

Tips for purchasing a used car in Orlando

Before visiting a used car’s shop, you need to have a general understanding of the type of car you want. The following tips will make the buying process enjoyable for you, and will help ensure that you get the best car that suits your needs:

1. Find out the amount of money you are willing to spend. If you are not decided on your budget, you can ask the car sellers the cost of the used car you need. Consulting the car dealers might give you better options that you did not expect.orlando special used cars

2. Make a list of the most important features you want. The cost of a used car in Orlando is based on its condition, reliability, mileage, popularity, and performance. You should include these features in the list of what is most important.

3. Once you have identified the vehicle that meets your needs, conduct some research to find out more information about the car. You can get information from other car users or the internet.

4. The next step involves taking the car out for a test drive. While driving the car, you should remember to observe the vehicle’s acceleration, the engine noise, its visibility, braking, and suspension.

Features to look for in a used car

· Mileage

The current car mileage is an important aspect of putting into consideration when purchasing a used car. It is advisable to get a car with an average of 12,000 miles per annum. However, some cars might have fewer miles. Due to long commuting distance, most used cars in Orlando have been driven more than the 12,000 miles. A recent model with higher miles indicates more highway driving. Many miles driven on the motorway is an indication of a good engine.

· The leak test

During the test drive, park the car in a clean area on the road and allow it to run for about 30 seconds. After the 30 seconds are over, move the vehicle and inspect any leaking substances. Any vehicle that leaks fluids needs a repair. The presence of a pink fluid indicates a leak in the car’s transmission. If the car is leaking oil, you will notice a black fluid leaking from the vehicle. A leak in anti-freeze will be indicated by a green fluid.

· Aesthetics

The condition of the car’s exterior and interior is used to determine its market clear. Inspect the interior upholstery carefully. Check whether there is any stains or damage on the car seats. Check if there is any smell inside the car as this could indicate a problem with the engine. Make sure to check any repairs to the exterior of the car. Ensure that the repair was performed professionally and the results are barely visible. The tires of the car should be in good condition.

· Certification

Purchasing a certified pre-owned car is wise. A certified pre-owned vehicle will provide you with an extra level of quality assurance. Choose a car dealer that offers pre-owned cars with warranties that go beyond the initial new coverage.

· Maintenance

You buy a car in Orlando that has regularly been serviced over the years. A used car without a regular maintenance history is likely to have problems down the road. Check the vehicle history report from the dealers or online sources.

· Price

huge inventory of used carsMake sure that you buy the vehicle at a fair price. Compare the price for the same make, model, and year with other dealers.

· Safety features

The safety technology is updated annually. You should consider buying a newer used car in Orlando to enjoy some of the more modern safety technology. An old used car will have outdated safety features.

Final thoughts

Even with a careful inspection of a pre-owned vehicle, trouble signs can easily go unnoticed. A report that was released by Carfax showed that approximately 20 percent of the vehicles available on the roads have an accident damage. It is advisable to ask for the title before buying a pre-owned car. You should go for a car that is known for its reliability on the road. It is also important to hire your mechanic to inspect the vehicle before you make a purchase.

How Early Hot Rodders And Auto Racers Contributed to Modern Steering

While research and progress are key factors in the evolution of innovation in the automotive industry, much of our current technology stems from early auto racers and “Hot Rodders.” Or those who modified and raced cars with an every increasing need to be safe, precise and reliable. Modern steering technology is a prime example.

Manufacturers and design teams play a major roll in the aesthetics of cars and with integrating new ideas and technologies, but those new ideas and technologies frequently come from other avenues. The ever increasing need for perfection in competition and the perfect edge is what drives racing engineers, hobbyists and even the guy next door futzing in his garage to try and ultimately discover new innovations that change the face of the auto industry.

In and around the 1940’s the majority of car enthusiasts, both sport and hot rod, were driving 1935 and older Fords.  They had the most popular steering gears and were readily swapped amongst enthusiasts regularly. The absolute most common was the pre-1934 Ford steering gears that had a fast steering ratio. Aside from being readily available, they were an easy fit for both the “32” and Model “A” car frames.

The 1937 through 1948 Ford steering mechanisms gained huge popularity by the early 1950’s with their transverse drag arrangement. The new steering had a massive advantage with a new self-centering mechanism and was nearly perfect for the 1935 and 1936 Ford frames. The new mechanism was called a worm selector and caused the steering to “float” back to center after a turn was completed.

An additional modification had to be added for the pre-1935 chassis. An additional mount had to be installed on the inside of the frame rail and boxing of the frame was essential to prevent rail flexing. Due to the pitman arm operating horizontally and being tied into the right front spindle, 1940’s Ford spindles were required to complete the modifications. It was so popular and so simple that the majority of the “modern” rods of the time used this modification and included Ford dashboards, steering wheels and shift linkage.

Also turned on its side and utilizing the typical mounting on the frame was the “Gemmer” box.  Welding a horizontal plate on top of the rail was done to hold the steering. Then a 90 degree rotation was placed on the pitman arm and then it was pinned up. With the use of a dropped front axle a parallel drag link could be used. There was always the nagging presence of the evil bump steer.

The parallel drag line steering entered the picture starting in 1954 and crying through the late 50’s with both the Ford and Chevy pickups. The Ford F-100 claimed highest popularity at the time.

For a Model “T” frame, installation of a Ford box was most simply done by running the column through the floorboard. Basically between the driver’s legs.

The gearbox mounts had to be fabricated and modification was made for the pitman arm to point straight down or alternatively it was replaced a new one custom cute from half inch steel plating. Few modifications had to be made to the box itself in order to bolt the pickup steering into the earlier (1928-1934) frames.

The Chevy pickup steering was significantly easier to install with only minor frame trimming to fit, but the Ford pickup box was the most popular.  It was basically the standard for hot rods for many years.

Everything took another huge shift in the mid 60’s when Dearborn unveiled the Ford Mustang. Effectively a new era was born and the Mustang became both the toy and the desire of hot rodders nation wide.

This was perhaps the most significant step of evolution into the modern world of steering.

While there are still advances in steering technology there has been nothing particularly notable in recent history. However, with the continued contribution of racing enthusiasts, engineers and hot rod designers maintains a significant impact on the automotive industry.  Their innovation has been the proving ground that has produced the standard for the everyday automobiles on the road today.


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